John Baron MP welcomes PM’s Brexit speech

January 17, 2017

MP says control returning to Westminster

Today the Prime Minister gave a speech setting out the Government’s broad aims for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations, in which she stated that Britain will be leaving the Single Market, and that the Government will seek a new Customs Union deal with the EU to allow the UK to sign its own trade deals with countries outside the bloc.

John said,

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s speech, as it ensures that the UK will be leaving the EU and that sovereignty will be returning to Westminster. Exiting the Single Market will enable Britain to end ‘Freedom of Movement’ and create a fairer immigration system open to the whole world, not just the EU.”

“Meanwhile, a new Customs Union deal will enable us to strike our own free trade agreements with partners right across the world – Australia, New Zealand, India and the United States have already expressed an interest – whilst maintaining our close trade links with the Continent.”

“I fully support the Prime Minister’s approach, and look forward to the triggering of Article 50 by the end of March.”

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