John Baron MP hosts annual Beating Bowel Cancer Parliamentary event

February 3, 2017
John at the event

John at the event

MP says screening uptake must increase

John Baron MP recently hosted and addressed the annual ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ reception in Parliament. This event bring together other MPs, Peers, bowel cancer patients, health professionals and members of the charity. In particular, this year’s event focused on the importance of bowel cancer screening.

John said,

“I was very pleased to host this reception on behalf of Beating Bowel Cancer, which does valuable work supporting bowel cancer patients and their families. There was an excellent turnout, insightful speeches from a variety of speakers, and a strong message in support of screening.”

“In addition to rolling it out more widely, we should all do more to encourage people to take up bowel cancer screening. At the moment, only 58% of eligible people undertake screening, and this percentage is falling. Many treatable cases are undiagnosed as a result. Picking up the disease in its early stages makes all the difference – there is nearly a 100% chance of surviving if diagnosed early, and less than 10% if diagnosed late.”

Sir Christopher Pitchers, Chair of Beating Bowel Cancer, said,

“We were pleased to have the opportunity to highlight these issues to those with the power to help tackle them, and are very grateful to Mr Baron for hosting the event. We look forward to working with him in the future to help raise awareness of bowel cancer issues.”

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