John Baron MP raises EU and UK nationals during Article 50 Statement

March 29, 2017

MP says this priority would make clear our intent

In the House of Commons today, John Baron MP questioned the Prime Minister during her Statement marking the triggering of Article 50.

In the Chamber, John asked,

“I commend the Prime Minister on her handling of the triggering of Article 50, and in respecting the wishes of the British electorate at the referendum. May I suggest another reason to prioritise the guaranteeing of the rights of EU nationals living and working within the UK is that it would be clear to the world that, should there be no agreement, it would not be because of us that EU citizens were being used as bargaining chips?

The Prime Minister replied that her letter to President Tusk made clear that the UK was seeking an early resolution of the issue of EU nationals living and working in the UK, and vice versa.

John said afterwards,

“As a longstanding Eurosceptic, I believe today is a very good day for Britain. However, now begins the serious work of intense negotiations with the EU, and I look forward to supporting the Government in the months and years ahead as it establishes our new relationships with both the EU and the wider world.”

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