John Baron MP welcomes Party unity in support of PM

June 12, 2017

MP comments on Brexit negotiations

Following his press release on Friday morning confirming his support for Theresa May, today John Baron MP welcomes the unity shown by the Conservative Party as it rallies around the Prime Minister to ensure a stable government getting on with everyday business – including the Brexit negotiations.

John said:

“Having supported Theresa on Friday morning, I’m pleased the Party is now rallying behind her as we start the Brexit negotiations. A few Colleagues need to realise the task in hand and the importance of calm and stability when it comes to good government. If we can make a coalition with the Liberals work for five years, there is no reason why we can not find common ground with the DUP.”

“As for speculation as to how this will affect the Brexit talks and whether this will result in a ‘softer’ Brexit – though I am unsure sure what ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit means, believing we are either in or out of the EU – it is too early to tell.”

“However, nothing has changed for me. We will negotiate the best possible deal, focusing on our many strengths, and then put that deal to Parliament – before leaving with or without a deal.”

“In my opinion, two prerequisites for a deal are control of our laws and the introduction of a fairer immigration system that does not discriminate against the rest of the world, as the present one does. Given the extent of the EU’s trade surplus with the UK we have a strong hand in these negotiations, which I am confident we will not squander.”

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