John Baron MP presses Prime Minister to further the ‘One Nation’ principle

September 6, 2017

MP also highlights Government’s achievements at PMQs

At Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons this afternoon, John Baron MP asked Rt Hon Theresa May MP,

“The reductions in unemployment, relative poverty and income inequality are some of our proudest achievements in recent years. What more is the Government planning to do to further the ‘One Nation’ principle and ensure a fairer society still?”

The Prime Minister responded that John was right to highlight that income inequality was at its lowest levels since 1986, absolute poverty is at a record low, and the lowest unemployment rate since the 1970s. She further stated that the Government has recently announced £40 million for youth organisations helping disadvantaged children.

John said afterwards,

“The Prime Minister recognises the importance of the ‘One Nation’ principle, and the Government is taking steps to improve the life chances of the disadvantaged. The Opposition does not have a monopoly on compassion or social justice, but Conservatives realise the best way of helping the vulnerable is to ensure fair access to a sound economy. I look forward to supporting further such measures during the current Parliament.”

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