John Baron MP responds to Prime Minister’s Florence speech

September 22, 2017

MP is wary of transitional period

Following the Prime Minister’s speech in Italy this afternoon, in which Theresa May suggested a transitional period as we leave the EU and continuing payments over that period to ensure no EU member state is out of pocket, John said,

“I am pleased the Prime Minister took the opportunity to describe a positive future relationship between the UK and the EU, reminding people across the continent that, whilst we are leaving the EU, we are not leaving Europe. We will continue to have strong alliances and friendships with our European partners, and the further clarity over EU citizens’ rights in the UK was very welcome – although, as the Prime Minister stressed, the EU must reciprocate when it comes to UK nationals.”

“However, whilst I remain supportive of both the Government and Prime Minister, I am wary of a transitional period, even with a ‘double lock’. Having conceded once, it will be easier to concede again in the future, potentially delaying our clean break with the European Union. A clear majority of voters chose to leave the EU in last year’s referendum, and this must be fully respected. I will continue to watch developments very closely to ensure this is the case.”

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