John Baron MP urges Government to prepare for ‘no deal’ scenario

October 9, 2017

MP says we should not listen to defeatists

As the Prime Minister updates Parliament later today on the Government’s Brexit position, John Baron MP says,

“I have long believed that the EU Commission primarily wants to punish Britain for daring to leave the organisation. Whilst negotiating in good faith, the Government must therefore also prepare more thoroughly for a ‘no deal’ scenario. As much as possible this should be done in public in order to focus EU minds whilst preparing the way should there be no deal.”

“We should have no fears about a ‘no deal’ scenario, as World Trade Organisation terms would put us on the same footing as many countries which trade easily and profitably with the EU.”

“Britain remains in a strong position given our sizeable trade deficit with the EU, and the recent intervention of the Danish Finance Minister shows that there is a growing appetite for a trade deal outside the Commission. We should not listen to the defeatists who are selling our country short.”

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