John Baron MP: National Leaders clipping wings of Commission

October 20, 2017

MP: sense may be prevailing re EU summit decision

The leaders of the ‘EU 27’ today agreed that ‘insufficient’ progress has been made in the Brexit negotiations for trade talks to begin, but nevertheless agreed to begin internal talks on this subject. This potentially prepares the ground for formal trade talks with Britain to begin in December.

John said,

“It appears the national leaders of the EU 27 are clipping the wings of the more ideologically-driven Commission, which is welcome. Perhaps sense is prevailing. In any sensible negotiation, it is impossible to agree any financial terms before the wider terms are known, and so we are reaching the limits of what is possible under the current arrangements.”

“However, we should have no fears about a ‘no deal’ scenario. Those who peddle ‘Project Fear II’ should remember that many countries trade easily and profitably with the EU on World Trade Organisation terms, so there is no reason why Britain should not do the same, whilst ‘Project Fear I’ proved a sham.”

“Given our large trade deficit with the EU, a trade deal would be particularly in their interests, and so I remain hopeful that common sense will prevail.”

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