John Baron MP brands Brexit impact assessment row as ‘storm in a teacup’

November 7, 2017

MP says Opposition playing petty politics

This afternoon in the House of Commons, the Minister for Exiting the European Union, Steve Baker MP, answered an Urgent Question regarding the timetable for publication of internal impact assessments of Brexit. The Minister suggested it would take around three weeks to assemble and prepare the assessments for publication.

John said,

“This is a storm in a teacup. Given the extent of analysis, the timeframe for publication seems entirely appropriate, given that as complete a picture as possible should be provided, otherwise the Opposition will claim something is being hidden. However, I would also urge the Minster not to weaken our negotiating position.”

The Minister said the Government was working to maximise its negotiating position to secure the best deal with the EU.

John said afterwards,

“The Opposition is playing petty politics with this important issue. Having been unable to provide any clarity as to their position after the referendum, they seem to be arguing that the UK should rule out the ‘no deal’ option – this is utterly naïve and would encourage a weaker outcome. Now they are quibbling over timetables amounting to weeks. The British electorate will see through all this.”

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