John Baron MP urges Prime Minister to ignore the ‘Defeatists’ over EU negotiations

November 16, 2017

MP says criticises EU negotiating stance

Today in the House of Commons, at Prime Ministers Questions, John asked,

“No serious negotiation would normally allow one side to try to dictate financial terms before the wider terms were known. In preparing to embrace the world when it comes to trade through World Trade Organisation rules, will the Prime Minister please ignore the siren voices and defeatist voices who got “Project Fear 1” wrong and our need to join the euro wrong?”

The Prime Minister replied that the Government wished to negotiate a good deal and especially agreed that trade generally was good for prosperity and jobs.

Afterwards, John said,

“It is hoped that we can negotiate a good trade deal with the EU. However, there may well come a point when we realise that no deal is indeed better than a bad deal, and this is why our preparations for such a possibility are of paramount importance.

“Preparations to embraces WTO rules when we leave the EU will not only strengthen our negotiating hand, but will ensure that there is minimum disruption should this transpire.”

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