John Baron MP Visits Sunnymede Junior School, Billericay

December 1, 2017
John with the pupils

John with the pupils

MP talks to Year 6 students about his role as an MP

John Baron MP recently visited Sunnymede Junior School, Billericay at the invitation of Lindsay Wilcox, year six leader, to talk to students about his role as an MP. There were about 60 students.

John said:

“It was a very good meeting with lots of good questions from children who were obviously interested in politics. Congratulations to all concerned, and to those who organised my visit.”

Ronnie Branch, Sunnymede’s Headteacher said:

“This is John’s second visit to the school and it was lovely to see a local politician keen to speak to our pupils about politics and the local community. They were very excited about the visit and John really put the children at ease.

“The children asked some extremely well thought out and pertinent questions, ranging from questions about war to those on homelessness. They received responses that gave food for thought for us all. It is visits such as this that we hope will inspire a Sunnymede pupil to take up politics as a career in the future.

“This really was a great experience for our pupils as they grow to understand the world around them and how politics can impact on this.”

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