John Baron MP welcomes start of EU trade negotiations

December 8, 2017

MP says World Trade Organisation rules remain a good option

Responding to the news this morning that the EU and UK negotiating teams have made ‘sufficient progress’ for trade negotiations to begin, John said,

“Whilst the devil will be in the detail of the agreement, this is good news for the Prime Minister, the country and the EU. It is welcome that we have moved on to the next phase, and I believe we are in a strong position to strike a good deal – not least given the EU’s trade surplus with the UK and because we start from a position of zero trade barriers.”

“However, we must also be prepared to walk away from the negotiations if we can not achieve a good settlement – no deal is better than a bad deal. World Trade Organisation rules, which many countries use to trade easily and profitably with the EU, remain a good option for Britain. Furthermore, being prepared for a ‘no deal’ option will help to focus minds in Brussels.”

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