John Baron MP questions Prime Minister on Brexit date

December 20, 2017

MP says referendum result must be implemented

Today in the House of Commons, John Baron MP questioned the Prime Minister about the date we will be leaving the EU. The EU Withdrawal Bill states we will be leaving on 29th March 2019, but the recently-tabled Amendment 400 would also allow the Government to alter this date if more time were needed for negotiations.

In the Chamber, John asked,

“The Prime Minister has given an assurance that Amendment 400 will be used only in extremis and for a very short period of time. May I press her to be more specific? Will she assure the House that if the power is used at all, it will be used only for a matter of weeks, or for a couple of months at most? There is a concern that it could indefinitely extend our stay in the EU.”

The Prime Minister confirmed that this power would only be used in extremely exceptional circumstances, and for the shortest possible time. She also stated that the UK would be leaving the EU on 29th March 2019.

John said afterwards,

“I am pleased the Prime Minister stated we are on course to leave the EU on 29th March 2019, and that any delay will only be in exceptional circumstances and for the shortest possible time. The decision made by over 17 million voters must be fully implemented, and I will play my full part in ensuring this.”

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