John Baron MP: Saville Report perspective must be balanced

July 12, 2010

MP questions PM during Statement in the House


Today in the House of Commons during the Prime Minister’s Statement on the Saville Report, John Baron MP congratulated the Prime Minister on his balanced perspective and said this was important to maintain going forward. John served in Northern Ireland as a Platoon Commander during the 1980’s.

John said:

“I congratulate the Prime Minister on getting the right balance in his Statement, both by recognising the truths of the Saville Report but also in recognising the sacrifice and grief of the security forces who helped to bring peace to the province. This balance must be continued going forward if the Report is to be a true marker in the reconciliation process, and the peace process generally.”

The Prime Minister agreed that it was important to keep in mind a balanced judgement on these issues.

John said afterwards:

“Over 1,000 of the security forces were killed during the troubles and, having seen for myself the sacrifice made by fallen comrades, it is important to remember the grief suffered by both sides. A balanced perspective is essential for this Report to be an important element in the healing process.”


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Date: 15TH June 2010

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