John Baron MP will donate constituency home profits to charity

July 11, 2010

MP will now rent office

John Baron MP will donate the profits from the sale of his constituency home to charity. John bought the house in 2000, and since becoming the MP in 2001 his home has also housed his constituency office and surgeries. Last year, in response to a Kelly Report recommendation that gave all MPs five years to sell their second homes, John pledged to sell his home during 2010. The house has now been sold.

John said:

“I’ve always maintained most people enter politics because they believe in public service – they’re not in it for the money. Therefore, it seems only right that the tax-payer funded element of the capital gain on my constituency home should be donated to charity.”

“The taxpayer has therefore benefited twice.”

“First, my agreement with Parliament has meant the expenses I incurred but never claimed, such as the £250 monthly petty cash allowance, exceeded the taxpayer-funded mortgage interest payments I instead claimed on the home – a fact not disputed by either the Legg or Kennedy inquiries.”

“Second, not only has my home housed my constituency office but, because the house has increased significantly in value, the resulting profit after tax will be donated to charity. Any loss would have been borne by me alone.”


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Date: 23rd June 2010

Notes to Editors


  1. The property was bought for £153,500 [exc stamp and costs] and sold for around £250,000.


2.   Capital Gains Tax, costs and the first year’s profit when Mr Baron was paying the mortgage prior to becoming the MP will be deducted from the overall profit, leaving around £60,000 available for charities and good causes.

3.   The profit will be held in a separate account and donated to charities of Mr Baron’s choice, including Armed Forces charities as the MP is an ex-soldier having served with The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.


4.   The new office is now located at 13 Bentalls Business Park, Basildon, SS14 3BN. There will be an ‘office welcome’ party shortly – details to follow.


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