John Baron MP suggests traffic light switch off during early hours

January 27, 2011

MP questions Transport Minister in House of Commons

Today, during Transport Questions in the House of Commons, John Baron MP questioned Ministers as to why traffic lights could not be switched off during the early hours.

John’s question was:

“Will he consider the merits of authorising traffic signals to display only flashing amber aspects in the early hours of the morning to reduce journey times?”

The Minister, Norman Baker MP, replied that they may consider this as a range of options but regulations would have to be changed.

John then pressed the Minister:

“Other countries operate this system, and yet the Government’s written response states somewhat condescendingly that the British motorist would find this confusing. Would the Minister not consider a pilot scheme – perhaps in my constituency – for such a system would speed journeys and reduce emissions?”

The Minister replied that a pilot scheme would not be possible because regulations would have to be changed.

John said afterwards:

“The Minister dodged the question. Regulations can be changed by politicians if they wish to do so. I am hoping to start an online petition regarding this matter – details to follow.”

John is intending to set up an online petition urging the Government to pilot this idea. More details to follow.

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