John Baron MP will vote to get Government to reform EU Common Fisheries Policy

May 12, 2011

MP says EU regulations on fish discards are shameful

Today in the House of Commons John Baron MP will vote in favour of a motion which calls on the Government to vote against the EU Common Fisheries Policy [CFP] unless certain conditions are met. Fishermen are currently required to throw back perfectly edible fish at sea under current EU policy. This requirement has been the subject of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Fish Fight Campaign.

John said:

“The EU is due to consider reforming the discredited CFP. This policy forces fishermen to discard perfectly edible fish which is shameful, and needs to end. The EU had better listen for people are fed up with its incompetence and meddling.”

John has also signed EDM 1123 – Hugh’s Fish Fight

The Motion reads:

Fish Discards and 2012 Common Fisheries Policy Reform
That this House welcomes the Fish Fight campaign; and calls on the Government to vote against proposed reforms of the EU Common Fisheries Policy unless they implement an ecosystems-based approach to fisheries management, end discards in relation to all fish and shellfish, require that all fish and shellfish are harvested at sustainable levels by 2015, ensure the involvement of fishers and other stakeholders in decision-making processes and enable the UK to introduce higher standards of management and conservation in respect of all vessels fishing within its territorial waters, taking into particular account vessel size and environmental impact.

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