John Baron MP: remaining Dale Farm travellers and protestors now need to leave peacefully

October 20, 2011

MP commends Essex Police, bailiffs and Basildon Council

Following the removal of protestors from the gantry at the entrance of the illegal Dale Farm site, John Baron MP has again called on the travellers to call off the remaining protestors and thereby allow an orderly and peaceful exiting of the site.

John said:

“The remaining protestors are there at the behest of the travellers. We do not want any further violence so once again I call on the travellers to obey the law courts, instruct the protestors to leave, and then leave peacefully themselves. The bailiffs are there to help them with this process.”

“Should the travellers and protestors continue to resist this site clearance then it will confirm their double standards: they resort to the courts when it suits them; but then flout the law by obstructing a court decision. You cannot pick and choose when it comes to the law.”

“I commend Essex Police, the bailiffs and Basildon Council officials for their professionalism in the face of intense provocation. There is still much work to do. The hope now is that this site clearance can proceed peacefully but this is up to the travellers and protestors.”

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